Graduation month is here! And you may be wondering what useful graduation gifts you could give to your graduate.

As commencements conclude and tassels are turned, it’s exciting to think of what the future holds for these recent grads.

Even during a global pandemic, schools and communities are finding ways to celebrate their graduating high school and college seniors.

Below are some useful graduation gifts that will help your former student take on the world (and their next phase of life)!

1. Gift Cards

Gift cards have a bad reputation for being a last-minute gift without any personability.

For high school and college graduates, however, gift cards are valuable! With little financial support and background of their own, these students embarking into levels of higher education or a prospective job field will be looking for ways to save money and skimp on expenses.

Providing your graduate with a gift card to Amazon or a grocery store, clothing outlet, or restaurant will allow them to have a pleasant experience while splurging on clothes or buying day-to-day essentials.

With minimal cost, gift cards are a win-win for everyone.

2. Money

There’s a reason that money is considered a classic graduation gift.

With little work experience and the new responsibilities of adulthood thrust upon them, high school graduates need every bit of financial help they can get.

Useful Graduation Gifts | Qube Money
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After graduating from a college or university, students will appreciate the additional finances as they plan for their futures and set career goals.

Money is easy to give. Therefore, write a check, make a deposit to the graduate’s bank account, give them a cash envelope, or fold dollar bills into origami shapes and leave them for your graduate to find.

Your graduate will be grateful for your financial contribution to their future, and you’ll feel good about contributing to the welfare of others without wrecking your own financial stability.

3. Photo Album

Not all gifts have to be monetary.

As graduates move on to the next phase of their lives, they’ll be overwhelmed with memories of their previous experiences and reminisce for their past friends, teachers, etc.

What better way to commemorate their progress than to order or make them a personalized photo album of their high school or college experience?

This gift requires you to be a little more involved than a gift card. The more personal the gift, however, the more meaningful it will be to your graduate. Compile their pictures and make a gift that is personal, one of a kind, and that will be appreciated.

4. Amazon Prime Membership

An Amazon Prime Membership is a gift that could be useful for any graduate

While in school, students receive a 50% discount to Prime for up to four years. Now that they’re done with school and no longer have that option, this could be a great gift. 

If you decide to go this route, your graduate will enjoy free two-day shipping, Prime Video, Prime Music, Kindle, unlimited photo storage, and more.

5. Qube Money + Qube Masters

If anything is certain after graduation, it’s the fact that money management gets more complicated. Fortunately, you can give your student the gift of better financial organization, purpose, and stability with the Qube Money app and our training course, Qube Masters. 

The Qube Money app allows you to put purpose behind every dollar by assigning it to a “Qube.” Each Qube represents a spending category. You determine how much money will be loaded into each Qube. To spend, you’ll use the app to open a Qube manually, or your Qube Card won’t work.

Qube Money and Qube Masters are great tools to help teach high school graduates essential budgeting habits, to help college grads pay off their student loans more efficiently, and to help them take control of their financial future!

Additional Ideas

For the college bound grad, some of the most appreciated gifts are those that prepare them for dorm life. Things like:

  • Bedding
  • Small appliances
  • Cookbook with recipes
  • Laptop
  • Hard drive
  • Wireless mouse

Looking for some other ways to help your grad with college life (and finances)?  Check out these resources:

For the grads entering the workforce or starting their career, useful graduation gifts that help them prep for their new position are a must. Things like:

  • Clothing
  • Desk organizer
  • Books
  • Phone case
  • Airpods

Hope this list of useful graduation gifts helps!

To help mitigate the stress of figuring out an elaborate or stressful graduation gift, we hope this list of useful graduation gifts helps.

By deciding on one of these ideas, you’re sure to select a gift for your graduate that is memorable, useful, and won’t break the bank.