Qube Expert Series:

Featuring Co-Founders

Ryan Clark &
Shane Walker

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Qube Money Expert Series with Co-Founders Ryan Clark & Shane Walker

Qube Money’s Story

“I can’t live with him anymore!  I’m done!”

Ryan hung up the phone frustrated and sad. It was the wife of a couple he had been doing financial coaching with about 6 months prior. He cared a lot for them. He had such high hopes. They made over $250,000 a year. He was a Maverick Spender. She was a Planner Saver. He had the stronger influence, and so they spent everything–a beautiful home, luxury cars, toys, box office tickets…

Like so many others, they came to Ryan for help getting control of their money. Their children were caught in between the mess. Despite Ryan’s efforts they fell off the program he had helped them create.

Deep down, we knew the failure was much deeper than financial coaching and education. We saw the impact the digital financial movement was having in people’s lives. The ease of swipe and go and buy now, pay later is crippling our society. Three out of Four adults say that financial stress is the NUMBER 1 source of stress in their lives – that’s too much (in our opinion)! We knew there had to be a better way…except there wasn’t. We dreamed of helping millions of people break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, eliminate debt, and experience more peace, joy, and freedom with money.

The Aha Moment

When spending is under control, savings and debt elimination happen naturally. When people’s use of money aligns with their purpose for money, they experience more joy. Everything pointed to helping people spend better.

But, how?

When Ryan hung up the phone with this client, his mind became riveted on an idea he had been playing with for months. The world needs digital cash envelope banking. It needs a digital bank that combines budgeting and banking into one, so people can spend from their plan.

Why Cash Envelopes?

In our financial coaching business, we were working with people just like you. They made good money, but weren’t keeping much of it. They had  “money leaks” – typical with modern banking methods. So, we taught the traditional cash envelope system. It is the best system for changing spending behavior. It is the system our grandparents used before the credit card was invented. AND IT WORKED!

The problem was, we found that very few people are willing to deal with the friction of using cash long-term. We get it! Not only are cash envelopes cumbersome, they’re also nerve-wracking! Going to the bank and pulling out one’s ENTIRE paycheck (or most of it) and carrying it around in CASH? So many of our client’s responses were…NO. THANK. YOU.

So, we decided to digitize it for the 21st century!


I won’t bore you with all the details, but I’ll highlight a few things. Over a 30 minute lunch, Ryan and an engineer in the payment processing space mapped out a system where a person can easily separate their money into digital envelopes for retirement, giving, goals, hobbies, bills, discretionary spending, and anything else important to them, all within the same bank account. They also designed the concept around tapping an envelope to make the funds available on a debit card before each purchase–Tap to Spend™. Otherwise, the debit card has a Default 0$™ balance.

As the concept of digital cash envelopes became a reality, the excitement was almost uncontainable. A healthy relationship with money is possible!

In our minds’ eyes, we could see the transformation this could have on people’s financial lives–the change in the way they feel about money:

  • Fear to Confidence
  • Stress to Peace
  • Frustration to Joy

Our mission was coming true!

Faith & Miracles

Our story is a miracle. We’ve been on this journey since 2016. There have been ups and downs. Shoot, we’re on the fourth rebuild of the system. In hindsight, the technology didn’t even exist to do what we wanted to do until 2019. But that didn’t stop us!

Money has shown up just in time to run payroll at least a dozen times.

We have employees who’ve worked for equity, investors who’ve doubled down, and executives who’ve leveraged personal assets. All so we could keep going. I remember one time specifically when we had a little less than $7k in the bank. We were burning a little over $200K/month. We had told all our employees that we didn’t have money to pay them. They kept working…

Tears ran down my cheeks.

We were meeting  as an executive team for what some thought would be our last meeting. I reminded our team that we had faced times like this before, and somehow things had always worked out. I told them I was going to fast (go without food or water for 24 hours) and pray for a miracle. I invited anyone who wanted to to join me. We have different faiths, but everyone joined me.

While we were fasting, a friend called me to see how things were going. I shared. He invested, and then another invested. That next Monday a company we’ve worked with asked us if we would be willing to sell for $150M. That created a major shot of belief and more investment dollars rolled in.

It was a miracle!  It is a miracle!

The Why

Digital cash envelope banking needs to exist for you. This miracle is for you. You and your loved ones need a system to easily save and spend with purpose. You need an easier way to get money to behave–to reach your goals. You want to feel peace and joy because you have the money you need for the things that matter to you. This is our purpose.

Qube Money was created for you.

If you would like to join us to help millions achieve financial health, Click the button below.

By Shane Walker

Co-founder of Qube Money

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