If you’re like most people, the tax refund can’t come quick enough. After all, it’s your money and why wouldn’t you want it as soon as possible?

What if there was a way to get it two days sooner than you normally would?

With Qube Money, there is!

Is all you have to do is provide your routing and account number to the IRS and once they submit your refund for payment, it will show up in your Qube Cloud up to two days earlier than usual.

The IRS may not submit your tax refund information early, put we’ll post it as soon as we get it.

For more information about getting your refund faster with direct deposit, visit the IRS website.

Why you should deposit your tax refund with Qube

Before you receive your refund, you should’ve already planned how you want to spend it.

You may choose to spend and save a portion of your check. If you have crippling credit card debt, it’s a good idea to pay it off. This will put you in a better financial position to spend within your means and avoid high-interest payments.

Next, you could look at budgeting a percentage of your check to go towards things that are important to you and creating a specific qube for each.