“People First” is the philosophy and daily mantra of both Qube Money and their newest partner, Choice Fin, a division of Choice Financial Group. Choice’s Chief Brand and Innovation Officer, Tim Heilman, sums up their company’s mission with a simple but extraordinary story.

“We had a customer call one of our locations on his way to make a deposit. I believe his account was overdrawn, and he was driving in to rectify the situation,” said Heilman. “And on the way there, he runs out of gas.” So, he was calling to say, “you’re not going to believe this, I’m on my way to you, but I’m out of gas.”

I think the typical response from a bank would be, “That’s too bad. Get the check here when you can.” But not for us. Our employee said, “Where are you at?” and proceeded to drive to the customer, take receipt of the check, and actually delivered some gas to get his car started.

“People First, banking second.”

That way of thinking makes Choice Fin a great addition to the Qube Money team. They’re headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota and pride themselves on communal responsibility and personal touch. Heilman sees “banking as a service” which fits beautifully with Qube Money’s “spending with purpose” mission.

“Working with Choice Fin gives our clients more control over their finances,” said Ryan Clark, founder, and president of Qube Money. “Their core values align well with Qube Money’s mission of empowering people to spend and save with purpose.”

Shane Walker, co-founder, and CMO of Qube Money, agrees. “Choice is forward-thinking and puts people before banking. They empower their employees to go above and beyond. We empower our customers to do the same.”

This recent partnership is shaping the future of fintech. It’s a combination of technology, finance, and people that is re-inventing the financial landscape.

Learn more about Choice Fin here.

Qube Money and Choice Bank form partnership.
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