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Budget with Qube Money

Have you ever experienced the thrill of watching your money do what you wanted it to do? 

For example, setting money aside for a friend’s birthday gift is exciting. Watching it leave your account when you purchase the gift feels good. This instant gratification is positive and motivating. This is what Qube Money is all about. 

Here at Qube Money, we believe that the easiest way to get your money to do what you want is to spend from your budget. Qube is not a tracking tool that leaves you feeling guilty and anxious because you haven’t kept up with categorizing transactions or because you realize you’ve overspent, but it’s too late because the money is already gone.

Cash Envelope Budgeting

To make spending from your budget as easy as possible, Qube Money digitized the cash envelope method of budgeting. Before credit cards were invented this is how most people managed money and it helped them keep their spending on track. If you’re not familiar with cash envelope budgeting, here is a quick overview.

  1. You label physical envelopes for each budget category like groceries, entertainment, eating out, power bill, and water bill. 
  2. You then divide up your cash into these envelopes based on your budget. This gives your money purpose and organization.
  3. Before each purchase you open the appropriate envelope and pay cash. This helps you make better spending decisions because you see how much money you have left in that budget category before you make the purchase.
  4. With each purchase, money leaves your budget. So, when your money is gone, your budget is spent.

The Qube Money System

With Qube Money your digital envelopes are called qubes. There are three types of qubes: Spend Qube, Bill Qubes, and Goal Qubes. Like cash envelopes, the Qube Money system allows you to divide your money into your qubes based on your budget. Before each purchase you tap a qube balance to load your Qube Card. This makes you aware of how much money you have left in your budget and enables you to literally purchase your groceries from your grocery qube and fuel from you fuel qube all from the convenience of the same card. 

There is no need for any post tracking or reconciling amounts at the end of the month because the balance in each qube reflects real money and updates automatically and in real time with each purchase. So, when your money is gone, your budget is spent.

The Qube Money Debit Cards

The Qube Money primary debit card is used to spend from your Spend Qubes and it comes with a Default Zero™ security feature.  Default Zero™ means the card has a zero available balance until you tap the qube balance you want to spend from. The money from that qube is immediately available on your card for 30 minutes or until a transaction is processed. After which the card returns to a zero balance. By design, transactions will decline if a qube isn’t opened or if there isn’t enough money in the selected qube to cover the purchase. This provides both security and mindful spending. 

Qube Money also comes with additional virtual debit cards with unique card numbers generated for paying bills or shopping online. Each virtual card is connected to one qube and the funds in that qube are always available on the card unless you turn the card off (Subscription Controls).  Each Bill Qube comes with a virtual account number and a virtual card. This way, you can set up autopay for your bills and online purchases while your primary debit card number is never exposed. 

Primary and virtual cards are compatible with tap-to-pay applications such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. 


You might be thinking, “this all sounds good, but what if I forget my phone, or my phone dies? I won’t be able to access my money. Or, what if my spouse doesn’t want to have to open a qube to spend?

Qubeless allows you to spend money when a qube isn’t open and then categorize the transaction afterwards. When you turn Qubeless on, Qube prompts you to set a limit that you’re comfortable spending through Qubeless. Once that limit is met your primary card will decline until you categorize the transactions in Qubeless. Please note that enabling Qubeless eliminate the Default ZeroTM security feature up to the limit you’ve set. 

For instructions to enable Qubeless, click here.

Learn how to use Qube Money by visiting The Qube Way or The Qube Playground.