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As of January 1, 2024, Intuit’s original budgeting platform Mint is shutting down. Mint has been on the market for over a decade, starting in 2007 as one of the first budgeting-focused personal finance softwares. Intuit plans to merge the platform with one of it’s other finance applications, CreditKarma. 

Are you a Mint user who is looking for a new budgeting platform or someone who is new to budgeting and ready to take control of your financial wellness? Let me introduce you to Qube Money. 

Qube Money is a new and innovative budgeting-specific platform that seeks to change spending behavior in order to build financial wellness. Qube integrates the tried and true principles of cash envelope budgeting with digital banking and partners with an FDIC-insured bank to set users up with a brand new bank account. That account is automatically linked to Qube’s ProActive Spending technology to create better spending habits for users.  

Here are the answers to some basic questions you might ask when choosing a new budgeting app and why you should consider Qube Money.


Qube Money is different from Mint and other budgeting apps because rather than linking to existing accounts or requiring you to input your spending manually, Qube sets you up with a brand new bank account through its partner bank that is linked directly to the budgeting interface. Your budgeting categories or qubes are actual sub-accounts within your account where you can assign a specific amount of money from your paycheck, and then spend directly from that Qube.


Because Qube is attached directly to your bank account instead of externally linked, not only is the tracking also automatic, but because of Qube’s innovative default-zero technology, you have to open your app and tap the qube you want to draw money from before spending. If you don’t have enough money in that qube for that purchase, your card will decline, making it much harder to spend over your budget. Qube not only tracks the purchases and determines where they fit in your budget, but it makes it so much easier for you to control your spending and actually spend from the budget and plan you set up.


Another thing that sets Qube apart from Mint and other budget apps is that Qube Money recognizes the need for couples and families to manage finances together, and includes joint accounts and other shared features in their premium and family plans. 

Qube Money is committed to giving you full control over your spending, saving, and budgeting. Integrating the principles of cash envelope budgeting with digital banking, Qube’s user experience and design makes creating and sticking to a budget easier than ever.Qube is a newer platform that is continuing to develop and grow in order to best serve it’s users, whether they’re budgeting for themselves or with your partners and family. 

Think Qube Money might be best for you? Learn more here.