The new Qube Money app and debit card combines a modern payment system with the proven cash envelope budgeting method and puts consumers in control of their spending habits in real-time.

Pleasant Grove, Utah — Fintech company, ProActive Budget, announced that it’s rebranding as “Qube Money”. In an ongoing quest to shift consumer spending behavior, Qube Money’s new app combines its digital cash envelope budgeting method with a full banking suite. This unique banking experience puts intention at the core of each transaction making it easy for Americans to make purposeful decisions about their budgets in real-time.

“Every budgeting system on the market today only tracks after the purchase. There’s no power in the past. Physical cash envelope budgeting is the only method that gets in front of the purchase, which is why it’s so effective. Qube money works in the same way,” says CEO Ryan Clark.

Cash Envelope Budgeting

The app modernizes the outdated envelope budgeting system of previous generations by digitizing budgets into “qubes”. Consumers then set limits for different qube budgets, like groceries, clothing, and entertainment. 

A physical Qube Money debit card gives shoppers access to their pre-budgeted qube funds. This unique budgeting ecosystem helps consumers avoid overspending. When money in a qube is insufficient, shoppers are empowered to make in-the-moment budgeting choices about a purchase.

“We’re re-inventing banking and putting intentionality at the core of it,” says co-founder Shane Walker

The app is engineered to support a variety of budgeting dynamics in the household. Couples can choose Qube Companion Cards to strengthen financial transparency and keep open communication about shared budgets. Qube Money also offers an effective tool for families to track spending across different family members. With the help of Kid Cards, parents and children learn about responsible spending habits together. 

The app will be available to qualifying customers in the U.S. To learn more about the innovative app, visit our website.

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About Qube Money

Qube Money was founded in June 2016 by Ryan Clark to improve Americans’ lives by digitizing the cash envelope system. Its mission is to create real spending behavior change for millions of people, lifting them from the paycheck-to-paycheck grind, and eliminating debt, permanently. 

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