Daniella and her partner made a trek across the country, moving from Missouri to Washington. With the impact of Covid, and wanting to live in a new state with beautiful scenery, they chose the west coast.

What pretty much anyone would do is fill up the gas tank and purchase hotels with a credit card. They instead used Qube Money for all of their spending to help them stay within budget. 

2,100 Miles & Only Using Qube?

Here’s what she said about the journey with their dogs. 

“We went through one of the biggest changes together, driving 2100 miles with our pets to our new house to relocate from the midwest to the pacific northwest. Stress and money stress was at an all time high.

We traveled through 8 different states – through ice, snow, rain, sunshine, mountains, rivers, and ocean. As we said goodbye to the arch we sailed by cold Nebraska, the Badlands in South Dakota, the beautiful state of Montana and Yellowstone, the ski slopes of Idaho, the snow of Snoqualmie Pass, and the borderline rainforest that is northwest Washington.

Qube Money actually took a lot of that stress away when knowing we were staying organized when our change in our surroundings seemed hectic.”

What if Daniella didn’t have service?

A common concern from customers using Qube is, what happens if I don’t have cell service? You would expect that driving through South Dakota and Montana, you would need to spend money in places that don’t have service. 

Here’s what she had to say:

“By far our favorite feature is that a qube must be opened in order to use the debit card. This is what keeps me especially grounded when spending. 

There was something satisfying about seeing the category, pushing the button in the app to open the qube for spending, and watching the transaction go through when I used the card. There was no lag.

Maybe it is just the techie in us but we love a good user experience.”

Daniella didn’t run into any issues with cell phone service, but it can happen. In that case, it’s good to have a back-up option just in case. 


If Daniella was able to travel across the country and use Qube to stay on budget, you can too! 

Where will your journeys take you next? Take Qube with you!

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