Default Zero is when the balance on your Qube Card is $0. Your debit card is simply a piece of plastic until you perform an action. Simply tap the qube or “digital cash envelope” when you’d like to spend. The amount of money in the qube becomes available to spend immediately.

If you try to spend more than what’s there, or a qube hasn’t been opened, the transaction will decline. If there’s enough money in the qube, and the qube is open, the transaction will go through smoothly. Once the transaction is complete, the qube will close, and the Qube Card will return to a Default Zero balance. 

Why did we create Default Zero?

We created Default Zero technology to help consumers be intentional with their spending and to improve financial security. Our logic is backed by hundreds of years of research with cash envelope budgeting. When people have to make a conscious decision before spending, they’re more likely to avoid debt and stick to a budget.

Millions of people have used the cash envelope system to manage their money successfully. What makes this system so effective? Easy: money is allocated into budget categories before a purchase decision is considered.

Before each purchase, you open a physical cash envelope, check how much money you have in there, and then decide if you’ll complete the transaction. If there’s not enough cash for your proposed transaction, you have two choices. You may decide to pull some money from another envelope, or put an item back.

Qube digitally replicated this spending method because it works. We love seeing individuals and families break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, eliminate debt, and experience financial wellness. We believe we can strengthen relationships when it comes to money, and that’s why we created Default Zero technology. 

How does Default Zero work?

Your money sits in an FDIC-insured bank account similar to any other bank. However, all the money in your bank account is not available to spend from the debit card unless you authorize it by tapping to spend. Once you tap a qube, the money in that qube will be available to spend.

When would I use it?

You’ll use it for point-of-sale transactions, online spending, and paying bills. When spending in person or online, you’ll first open a qube by simply tapping it. For Bill Qubes, you authorize a merchant to automatically pull a specific or variable amount from the qube by setting some simple, customizable rules.

Who is it for?

Suppose you’re someone who’s struggled with budgeting in the past, whether that was with cash envelopes, spreadsheets, or other budgeting apps. In that case, our Default Zero technology will not only keep your money safe, but it will also help you easily stick to a budget.

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