We’re excited to introduce you to a new category on our blog where we get to highlight the stories of some of our users and learn why they decided to join Qube Money. The first family we’re highlighting is the Mercer family!

We are a family of five who lives in Kentucky. My wife Ashley and I were high school sweethearts and have been married for almost 13 years. We have 3 kids – Colin (9), Kenzie (6), and Kennedy (almost 3). I serve as the Guest Experience Pastor for our church, and my wife is a Nurse Practitioner. Faith and family are very important to us, and we want our finances to reflect that. Over the past several years, we have attempted to eliminate all of our debt so that we can live and give like no one else. Outside of our home, the only debt we have is from our student loans. 

I originally purchased a Proactive lifetime membership for my wife and me back in December 2017. It has been a long journey to relaunch as Qube Money, but I am very impressed by everything I have seen from Qube Money thus far with the card, app, support, communication, and response to feedback. This app is everything promised and more.

Once partner accounts are live, I am confident that this will drastically improve our spending. My wife and I do a pretty good job creating a monthly budget, but it is often difficult to stick to each budgeted item because all of the money is still in one pile in our checking account. For us – creating cash envelopes was not feasible or practical. This is the best of both worlds and will allow us to be on the same page and easily keep track of where we are for all of our discretionary spending. I also love that we can add savings qubes for bigger items down the road. I love the functionality and the mission of Qube so much that I am pumped to share it with everyone I know.

If you would like to join Qube Money, get started by clicking here.

Qube Money Review
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