With traditional banking being done mostly online, it is easier and more convenient to manage your money from your phone. However, this exposes you to more online fraud and security breaches. At Qube Money, your security and privacy are our top priority, and our technology is unmatched by any other bank.

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The Qube Money Visa debit card has a default $0 balance. This means you’re the only one that can spend from it. If it’s lost or stolen, hackers would also have to hack your mobile device to steal your money.

Even with an added layer of security to help keep your money safe, here are a few things that you can do to make sure your bank, money, and information are safe. 

Review your account statements and transactions regularly

Review your transactions often to avoid being scammed or defrauded. We send real-time notifications for all transactions, so you’ll know right away if something doesn’t seem right. It’s on you to make sure Qube pays who you want to be paid and no one else. 

Never share personal and financial information

Avoid revealing your username, password, or other credentials to anyone. If someone has your login information, they can initiate transfers. Be careful with whom and how you share your information. 

Create a secure login

Keep your account secure by logging into Qube Money using Touch ID or face recognition. If you choose not to use biometric authentication, make sure to set up a strong password to protect your account.

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Act fast and report

If you lose your debit card or suspect it has been stolen, report it as lost or stolen inside the app. It’s much easier to replace a piece of plastic than to spend days pursuing a series of fraudulent transactions.

Protection is a shared responsibility

We’re doing our best to provide top-notch banking security. However, you play a significant role in keeping your financial information safe, too.


We follow federal bank regulations to protect your identity and gather personal information to ensure you are you. If you ever notice anything unusual with your account, please let us know by reaching out to our customer support team. Our team is constantly monitoring for unusual activity to keep your bank account and money secure.

To learn more about how Qube protects you and your money, visit the security section of our website.