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Maverick Saver: Expectation vs. Reality

Accomplishing something BIG is at the heart of your motivation, and you’re good at gathering resources to accomplish your dreams. You like to manage your money in your head and your philosophy is simply to spend as little money as possible.

If this sounds like you, you’re probably a Maverick Saver! Maverick Savers are often prosperous people who inspire others with their enthusiasm. However, you might struggle to foster deep, rich relationships with those who mean the most to you. Not to worry – knowledge is power! A complete understanding of the Maverick Saver personality can help you maximize your strengths and address your weaknesses.

What is a Maverick Saver money personality?

As a Maverick Saver, your main drive is to improve the world – and you understand money is crucial to accomplishing your goals, lending to your strong desire to save. You’re also great at building relationships with others and are an expert negotiator. So, people naturally gravitate to your confidence and aura of leadership.

However, while you have the discipline to control your spending, you may be reluctant to trust others or a system when it comes to managing money because you believe your inner compulsion to spend as little as possible works the best. And, although you are a natural-born leader, your unwillingness to collaborate with others can reduce your effectiveness as a leader and damage your closest relationships.

You likely love reading books on finance and personal growth, because every piece of knowledge is a building block toward your goals. You often make investment decisions on a  gut instinct. Your tolerance for risk and enthusiasm for business can lead to great success.

Maverick Saver: Strengths

Your money personality has these benefits:

  • Boldness and drive make you an excellent leader.
  • Meets challenges with a positive attitude.
  • An innate sense of frugality leads you to save money.
  • Can spot a good deal a mile away and negotiate favorable deals.
  • Entrepreneurship comes naturally.
  • Your dynamic personality makes life exciting for those around you.

Maverick Saver: Weaknesses

However, your money personality tend to have the following weaknesses:

  • Stinginess can manifest as irritability and argumentativeness.
  • Narrow-minded and controlling of others.
  • Detailed plans sit in your head instead of explaining them to others.
  • Unlikely to give to those in need.
  • Can fall in love with the plan more than the result.
  • May make reckless investments leading to financial and relational distress.
  • Close relationships might feel trampled on and unheard.

Maverick Saver in real life

Mason is a software developer who lives in Utah with his wife and two children. The youngest of five siblings, Mason is a Maverick Saver who internalized the necessity to save money from watching his parents. He understood how much it cost his parents to support him and his siblings. Even when he was young, he remembers avoiding spending money.

“My dad treated me to a father-son weekend, just for us to have fun,” says Mason. “He got a $60 steak at a restaurant and wanted us both to enjoy dinner. But I felt pressure to balance out how expensive dinner would be. So I felt guilty and got a $12 bowl of soup.”

As a parent, Mason is determined to provide for his family, and he fights his instinct to squirrel away every dollar. He and his wife have tried multiple budgeting apps and spreadsheets with little success. They couldn’t get a handle on their budget and regularly transferred money from their savings to their checking account which drove Mason nuts. Financial stress mounted as they tried and failed to implement a budget.

Then he found Qube Money. “Qube brought my stress levels down and helped me make peace with unplanned spending. With the Bill Qube feature, I budget for our monthly expenses first. So, I can look ahead and see that our mortgage and car payments are funded. Then, my wife and I can allocate money to our ‘Fun Fund’, which makes her happy and helps me feel comfortable spending money to make new memories as a family.”

In the past, Mason hesitated to spend money that didn’t follow the preconceived plan in his head. For instance, he and his wife found plane tickets to Iceland at rock-bottom prices. His wife saw the chance for an affordable impromptu vacation. However, Mason kept dwelling on how much their food and Airbnb would cost. Fortunately, he was growing in his self-understanding as a Maverick Saver, and his wife helped him see their unique opportunity.

“I’m so glad we went on that vacation. We had a fantastic time, and I love looking back at the pictures. But, being a Maverick Saver, the experience didn’t seem valuable to me initially. I had to see it outside my financial mindset,” says Mason. “The truth was, we could afford it, but I had trouble seeing the value at first. On the other hand, I jump at the chance to upgrade my phone without considering the cost because ‘I needed it for work’. So, thinking about my financial approach has helped my wife and I connect and be on the same team.”

Using Qube has also shown Mason how beneficial his money personality is. For example, his frugality allowed him to quickly build over $100,000 of equity in his home and purchase a new car for his wife, who has a considerable commute.

“Buying a new car was an excellent way to see both sides of my money personality. On the one hand, I started contributing to a Qube that simulated a car payment. It was a way to save for a down payment and adjust our budget to a new car note. But I didn’t communicate this to my wife, so she wasn’t sure we could afford the car she wanted. When I explained to her that the amount we had been saving for the down payment was enough to cover the car payment, she was super excited! I learned that I should communicate my plans at the beginning of the process.”

Qube Money has helped Mason and his wife discover how to create a healthy financial state and hold each other accountable. It has given them transparency with each other’s spending habits and helped them stop fighting about money.

“One of my fears in the past was not having enough money because of unwise spending. With Qube, I set specific goals and contribute to them monthly. Instead of following a vague impulse to spend the least amount possible, budgeting through Qube is a measurable process that gives me the freedom to spend on experiences with my family.”

Money management tips for Maverick Savers

The primary hurdle for Maverick Savers is communication and relinquishing control. Here are some simple tips to springboard you forward as a Maverick Saver. First, jot down the people who are most important to you, the hobbies you most enjoy, and the causes you’re most passionate about. Second, write down your plan. Start with your income. If your income fluctuates, learn how to budget on an irregular income. Third, plan money every month that you’re free to splurge and give. By doing this, money will take on a new life. Finally, if you share money with someone else, build a spending plan together. Transferring your financial intentions from your head to paper or spreadsheet where others have input can be scary, but the benefits are life changing!

Toning down extreme frugality and welcoming outside input will allow you to build greater trust with those on your team and to scale to greater financial heights. In your dealings with business partners and financial planning with a partner or spouse, you can jointly construct an approach that meets everyone’s needs and bolsters trust. This strategy helps eliminate the tendency of Maverick Savers to make unilateral financial decisions and cajole others to follow suit.

In addition, organizing your finances will result in less thought and fuss over daily purchases and more focus on your long-term goals. And, instead of relying on your instinct to save money, a written spending plan will give room for fun projects, adventures, and generosity. For example, if you’d like to give to your favorite charity but constantly run up against your drive to build up your savings account, create a category for it. Or, you might have contemplated starting a business for a long time or building an addition to your house. Setting savings goals can help you build your bank account for these specific purposes.

Lastly, it’s crucial to see money as a way to build bridges. In your pursuit to achieve your dreams, remember other people are humans with needs, wants and dreams, just like you. Your closest relationships can become casualties in your rush for results while scraping pennies based on an unspoken, undetailed financial plan. When you effectively share business pursuits and personal financial goals with others, they can better join you and speed up your progress.

Best management tool for Maverick Saver

Qube’s money management system will give you visibility and control of your finances without the stress of constant budgeting. By setting your spending plan with Qube, your budget runs itself while also giving you the ability to tinker with it as needed, giving you the ideal balance between financial flexibility and permanence.

In addition, Qube money enables communication and openness about money with those closest to you. The ability to create a shared budget with joint items (like rent or mortgage) and separate virtual envelopes (for passion projects or individual priorities) can enhance collaboration and eliminate conflicts about how to spend money.

As a Maverick Saver, you likely are used to drawing confidence from the financial plan you carry inside. On the other hand, Qube’s digital Cash Envelopes bring your plans to life and lighten your mental and emotional load. Qube will help you develop a healthy relationship with money and embrace new experiences, deepen relationships, and help others.

Financially thriving as a Maverick Saver

Saving money is a vital financial habit to cultivate. However, you might have a rigid financial approach constraining your ability to pursue opportunities and attend to personal relationships. Qube’s modern cash envelope system can help you honor your desire to save money while introducing the flexibility you need to grow professionally and relationally.