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Maverick Spender: Expecations Vs. Reality

You might have high financial aims and love to be generous with others – but your empty wallet constraints your abilities far beneath your intentions. You’re bothered by this reality for numerous reasons, you want to follow your passions wherever they might lead and you love putting a smile on others’ faces, but money seems to be an inhibitor. And, although you earn a substantial income, it evaporates before the month is over. You’re afraid to investigate the cause because it might reveal what you dread most: you need to budget your money.

If this scenario sounds familiar, you’re not an anomaly – you’re a Maverick Spender! Your financial decisions may be reckless at times, but your fun-loving, easygoing nature draws others to you and helps you take risks that timid personalities would avoid.

A full picture of your money personality, with its strengths and weaknesses, can help you make sound financial decisions in the future. Plus, you can explore how Qube money can bring your dreams to fruition.

What is a Maverick Spender Money Personality?

As a Maverick Spender, you enjoy living in the moment and are fantastic at helping others do the same. But you are prone to impulse shopping and typically maintain a meager bank account balance. Money is the key to adventures and good times instead of a reason to sit down and budget your spending.

For you, nothing kills the buzz quite like the word ‘budget’. You prefer to spend money on what you like and when, without boundaries or fear. Because of your fearlessness, you might be an excellent entrepreneur. In addition, you excel at connecting with others and maintaining close relationships. As a result, you can shine as a business owner and manager.

As likely as you are to have business success, you might find yourself without the necessary finances to start the company of your dreams or make profitable investments. You resist structure because budgets pose limits to your ability to enjoy the moment. You aren’t disposed toward contemplating your financial health, but unstable finances generally are the reason you have to turn down desirable opportunities and experiences.

Typically, you feel like you never bring in enough money, regardless of your income level. Unfortunately, this feeling can reflect in reality in the form of debts and high credit card balances. These unpleasant financial consequences, combined with the preference to spend money rather than manage it, can leave rocky financial situations unaddressed.

Maverick spender: Strengths

A Maverick Spender’s financial approach has numerous advantages:

  • Laid-back, compassionate, and accepting of others.
  • Continuously pursues excitement and spontaneity.
  • Easy to get along with, which is fortunate because they prioritize close relationships.
  • Gravitate to systems with rewards. Whether the carrot on the stick is a successful business or a free coffee, Maverick Spenders have a capacity for disciplined effort when they understand the goal.
  • Combined with their ability to make the most of the moment, a Maverick Spender can find joy in everyday circumstances while contributing to the big picture.

Maverick spender: Weaknesses

Maverick Spenders also have drawbacks to contend with to become financially healthy, including:

  • Struggles to organize their finances.
  • Interests and hobbies can also lead to reckless spending and idle activity.
  • Unlikely to stick to a plan.
  • The emotions of others can sweep a Maverick Spender along a path of poor decisions.
  • Financial habits can lead to financial straits and businesses going belly-up.
  • Quick to get off track and experience failure, even if they are visionary entrepreneurs or successful in their careers.
  • Impulsive shopping often leads to a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle.
  • Usually runs up significant debts.
  • Avoids investigating their financial difficulties.
  • Financial stress causes friction in relationships.

Maverick Spenders in Real Life

For a closer look at a Maverick Spender, let’s take Jacob, an Idaho-based entrepreneur. Jacob is currently in between businesses after the acquisition of his last company. Some may say, “well it’s easy to be a Maverick Spender when you’ve just sold a business and you have a lot of money”. But that hasn’t always been the case for Jacob.

Since Jacob was young, he’s always wanted to have enough money so that he didn’t have to worry about money. Jacob says, “I want to be a Maverick Spender. There are more important things in life than money, like my family.” To Jacob, money doesn’t make him happy, but the stress of money can make him unhappy.

Jacob got married while he was in college and he knew that a carefree philosophy with money wasn’t possible at this stage of his life, so he and his wife followed a budget. No, he didn’t like it, but he knew that is what he had to do.

When he landed his first real job, he started earning a healthy salary. They started spending money and creating the carefree life they wanted.  They  bought a home, upgraded their cars, and began enjoying the finer things of life. “I started to feel less wealthy than when I was a college student,” says Jacob. He and his wife didn’t like that feeling, so they went back to budgeting.

As a Maverick Spender, Jacob took risks and used his people skills to build a successful business. He sold his business for a lot of money, and that has given him the freedom to travel with his family for the last couple years.

Interestingly, Jacob started feeling like he wanted more structure around his finances–more purpose. He found Qube Money.

“Qube Money empowers us to spend on what’s most important,” says Jacob. “Tracking spending on your credit and debit cards is tough. Qube’s virtual envelopes solve that problem. With Qube, I have a healthy relationship with money, and I get to spend on what matters most.”

“Qube takes the regret and fights out of purchases that should be fun!” says Jacob. “My wife and I realize now that building wealth means spending less than you make. Instead of the word ‘budget,’ I love to say ‘spending plan’ because I enjoy taking risks and don’t like thinking about boundaries. Qube provides the guardrails, and I don’t have to fight my financial habits after structuring my money.”

As a Maverick Spender, Jacob has always wanted a seamless, organic relationship with his money. Qube has made that happen for him. He plans his money and then he enjoys the worry free experience of spending everything he has planned. And yes, he has a Qube for those spur-of-the-moment spending decisions he loves.

Money Management Tips for Maverick Spenders

It’s crucial for you as a  Maverick Spender to see a budget as a spending plan instead of a funeral for your fun-loving, big-hearted proclivities. If you’ve tried a budget before and failed because you stressed and obsessed over your budget, it’s time to hit the reset button. A spending plan, complete with items for savings, splurges, and your unique financial goals gives you the ability to spend on what fulfills you. And, even as you spend how you want, following your plan will give you peace of mind because you know your financial priorities are in order.

In addition, it’s vital to note that your upbringing affects how you view money. For example, if your parents didn’t discuss the significance of saving money, you might believe allocating a portion of your paycheck to a savings account is a waste. Exploring money management enables you to question your financial assumptions and fine-tune your financial approach.

Your financial approach should fill you with confidence around money! As a Maverick Spender, rest assured that healthy money management will allow you to spend more on what matters most. You’ll end up spending less on frivolities, but your new financial habits will preserve what you love – using money for new experiences, doting on friends, and following your dreams.

Remember, instilling structure helps you meet your financial goals by focusing your dollars on what matters. Managing your money well allows you to treat yourself how you like, whether it’s going out with family or picking out new knick knacks at your favorite boutique! In other words, money management is empowering for personalities of all types, including Maverick Spenders.

The Best Management Tool for Maverick Spenders

Qube’s money management system accommodates the Maverick Spenders carefree, relationship-oriented personality and creates financial confidence. Qube will help you indulge guilt-free because you know you have a stable framework for spending. The digital envelope structure creates a healthy relationship with money because it systematizes saving first. With savings as a foundation, you can then spend, but not overspend, on what matters most. The self-directed spending plan helps you intentionally organize your money without imposing on your love for impromptu experiences.

Through digital Cash Envelopes, Qube will help you leverage your strengths and shore up your weaknesses. You’ll assign each financial priority, from savings to groceries to concerts, with a digital envelope called a ‘qube’ containing a specific amount of cash. Qube’s automation will allow you to create your system and then forget it – a Maverick Spender’s dream!

Because you get to create and fund your own qubes, Qube Money is good at removing that restrictive feeling and replacing it with the empowerment of healthy money management. Want a qube for unspecified but sure-to-happen impulse buys? You can do that! Once the qube’s empty, that’s it – you’ll have to transfer money from another qube (which doesn’t increase the total amount you spend in a month) or wait for the next month for the qube to be replenished.

Remember, if you share money with someone else, Qube helps different money personalities harmonize. A joint account allows you and a spouse or loved one to build your dreams together even if you haven’t seen eye to eye on financial decisions in the past. Qube’s system is based on transparency, which removes unwanted spending surprises and helps build trust in your relationship. Imagine what you can accomplish with a united effort.

Financially Thriving as a Maverick Spender

Your money personality drives your financial choices – and once you understand your motivations, you can appreciate the ones that help you and address those that hold you back. So, whether a coffee budget will help you control your spending or you need an entire financial overhaul, you can harness the power of Qube’s modern cash envelope system to accomplish your dreams!