Are you drowning in debt, not saving money, or wondering how you’re going to reach your financial goals? Is it your budget? Is it your bank? Or is it YOU? Maybe it’s all THREE!? If so, our patented Proactive Spend Method makes saving money and sticking to a budget easier than anything you’ve done before.

It’s different from any other bank OR app, and could be what you need to get on the right path.

What is the Proactive Spend Method?

The Proactive Spend Method is our patented system of spending that helps you spend intentionally and with purpose. It involves proactively managing your money and placing it in qubes (budgeting categories) BEFORE you spend. You’re required to actively manage your money before you can spend.

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How does it work?

When you deposit money into Qube, it first arrives in what we call “The Qube Cloud.” We call it the Qube Cloud because this is money that is yet to be allocated. Unlike other banks, you’ll first need to create qubes (categories) and transfer money into those categories before spending. 

Other banks:

Deposit > Checking > Card


Deposit > Cloud > Qubes > Card

Why did we create it?

At other banks, your money arrives in one big pot. Unless you divide it up into separate checking accounts and savings accounts, you have to keep track in your head (or spreadsheet) how much money is used for bills, spending, savings, etc.

We created the Proactive Spend Method to make it easy to give your money purpose, which requires you to think before you spend. Similar to the traditional cash envelope system, you divide up your money based on limits and goals.

When do I use it?

Each time money comes into Qube, you’ll divvy it up into your different qubes. Although you will be able to automate this process in the future, we recommend you do it manually for a few months to really learn how you spend money.

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We make it easy to divide your money into your qubes with our planning screen. From one screen, you can transfer money into all of your qubes based on your budget. 

Dividing money up into qubes and watching each balance grow is exhilarating.

Who is it for?

If you’re someone who likes to feel in control of your money as opposed to never really having a handle on where your money is going, our Proactive Spend Method is for you.

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