Life is expensive. Whether you’re trying to pay for college, manage household finances, raise children, or start your own business, there’s nothing like a negative bottom line to send your goals hurtling back into reality’s atmosphere.

Sure, you have a job, you’re making money. Technically it should be possible for you to have the right amount of money at your disposal, but every month you watch your expenses eat away at your paycheck until you have—well, not enough money left.

So, what’s the solution?

Qube Money, the most powerful app of 2021.  Bold statement…I know. But hear me out on this.

Today, spending money is easier than ever before. Some say that money isn’t real. No more carrying around dollar bills to buy things; pull up your Amazon shopping app and order that movie you’ve been thinking about. I order my groceries online. I’m pretty sure I recently heard about an app that lets you buy your car online. It is wonderfully convenient. However, recent studies have shown, when people use credit cards, they spend an average of 12%-18% more than they do when they spend with cash. For most Americans, that is almost $18,000 a year spent on nonessential things!  (What could you do with an extra $18,000?) The consequences of choices around money are absolutely real.

Budgeting Doesn’t Have to Be a Dirty Word

Budgeting is more important than ever. But, let me guess, you have tried the whole budgeting thing before—cue sense of dread. You spent countless hours preparing, tracking and reviewing your budget. You have tried a myriad of apps and tools. You probably started out committed, even excited about the prospect of reaching your financial goals. But then, you began to slip a little… you pick up a Starbucks here, find a great deal on a cute pair of shoes, eat out a little more, or have one of those “it’s been a rough day, and I deserve a little pampering, and I don’t know exactly where I am with my budget anyway” days.

Or, maybe you are the one who started diligently tracking every day, then every other day, and then at the end of the week until budgeting becomes something you will “get to”, but never actually find the time… You find yourself thinking, “I wish there were an easier way to do this.”

Let me introduce you to Qube Money, the only app in the world that connects modern payment technologies with the age-old cash envelope method of spending. No more end-of-the-month money anxiety. No more tracking expenses.  No more watching your dreams implode upon reentry and disappearing somewhere off the coast of Mexico. 

Here Is How Qube Money Works

When you sign up with Qube money, you get a Qube checking account, a debit card(s) and access to the Qube Money app. Set up your qubes (think envelopes from Dave Ramsey’s cash envelope system). These represent your bills, savings, and spending categories. You might have a grocery qube, an entertainment qube, a gift qube, an Amazon qube, a mortgage qube, and a family trip qube.

When you deposit money, you are prompted to allocate your money into your budget qubes and give each dollar a job (allocation can be automated).  Now you are ready to spend. 

To spend from your spending qubes, you just tap the balance in the qube you want to spend from, and the money from that qube is immediately available on your debit card.  After the transaction, the debit card returns to a default zero balance and the transaction is automatically legered. To spend again, you simply tap another qube and the balance of that qube is available on your card to spend. At the end of the budget period, you can set each qube to roll over to the next budget period automatically, or you can sweep the extra money to a savings goal, debt elimination or something else you are working toward..

Through your bill qubes you can automate bill pay, subscriptions, and view your transaction history through the app. You can also turn off subscriptions and auto payments coming from your account at any time.  You are in control, not the vendors who have your account information.

Savings qubes bring clarity to the progress you are making towards your important goals. Say you have set a goal as a family to go to Disney World.  You can budget money each month, sweep money at the end of the budget period from other qubes, and roundup transactions from other qubes into your Disney World qube.  When you reach your goal, with the tap of a button you can convert a savings qube to a spending qube and begin building memories with those you love.

Like cash envelopes, Qube Money requires you to give every dollar a job, look at your budget before spending, and then spend with purpose from your budget. The idea is that it makes you think about your purchase before you spend, and therefore you change your spending habits. Money becomes real again. Using the Qube Money app makes it easy to spend and stick to your budgeting goals.

Little too rigid for you? Qube allows you the option to select a default open qube.  This qube will always be ready to spend as long as there is money in it. If you want to spend from  another qube, simply open the qube and your app will temporarily close the default open qube until the selected qube closes.  Qube also makes it easy to reassign transactions from one qube to another.  This is nice when you want to manually categorize transactions in your default open qube.

Stop Fighting About Money

As if the spending methodology isn’t enough, Qube Money provides budgeting for the entire family. Couples can join their accounts and create private qubes and shared qubes. Shared qubes have options like Partner Permissions and Partner Notifications so couples can work together toward their financial goals. Partner Permission requires in-app approval by both partners for money to be spent or transferred from a qube. These permissions can be turned on or off for each shared qube. Partner Notification alerts both partners when a qube is opened, how much money is spent and where money is spent in real-time. Notifications can also be turned on or off. Imagine being able to manage money as a couple on the go!

Those partner permissions keep you from skipping out on your goals, losing money to thieves and cybercriminals—and they might just save your marriage. Did you know that money is the #1 cause of stress in America? Research shows that 7 out of 10 couples report that money causes tension in their relationship, and couples who argue about money at least once a week are 30% more likely to get divorced. If those numbers have you shaking in your boots, don’t worry. Qube Money can help you be certain that you and your partner are always on the same page when spending money. You set your financial goals together, and you can even choose to keep each other accountable through spending requests. Who knows? You may never need to have another money fight.  

Teach Your Kids Healthy Spending Habits

Handling money with your partner is hard, handling money with kids? Arguably harder. Your kids learn about money through you—they see your spending habits, they hear what you say about money—and often they adopt your attitude toward money. Teaching another human being how to look at finances is a big responsibility.

As we discussed before, money is no longer real and tangible. Our kids see us pay for groceries from our phones, paying for services through Venmo, and even at Disneyland, they only need a wristband to buy to their heart’s content. They only see the ease of getting things they want, not the consequences of overspending and debt.

[Coming Soon Feature] Qube Money can lighten the load on that, too, with a program designed to track every purchase and make them think before they spend their hard-earned money. With the family features, we’re planning to offer are up to 10 kid cards and a “kid view” in the Qube app, including chore tracking, payment requests for chores, and the same Qube budgeting system. Parental permissions will shape your child’s understanding of money and how to effectively save and (when the time is right) spend it.

When your kids use the app in their everyday living, they get a hands-on financial education. Qube Money makes it easy to teach kids healthy spending habits that will set them up for success in the future, so they can achieve their financial goals. 

Safe and Sound

Qube Money takes even more of the stress out of money with an FDIC insured account and built-in security features. Think about it—with Qube, you’ll never have to freeze an account again. If your card falls into the wrong hands, no problem. Your default balance is already zero if you don’t have a default open qube.

Let’s say someone steals your card details. The only way a criminal could access your money would be if they managed to steal your phone, hack into your phone, and hack into your Qube Money app. If all of those things happen, you should consider investing in a rabbit’s foot—or at least search the nearest field for a four-leaf clover. If you are really paranoid… you always have the option to have partner permissions on all of your qubes. If a thief were able to open that qube, a request would still be sent to your qube partner to approve or deny—denied!

Don’t Wait to Chase Your Money Dreams

If you’re saving up for something big, putting an end to fights about money, reducing your stress, or trying to teach your children how to think about money, Qube Money can help.

Budgeting shouldn’t be about what you can’t have; it should be about what you’re working toward—spending money on the things that matter most to you and cutting out the things that don’t. With Qube Money, money is an asset, not a stressor. You can stop watching unnecessary expenses drain your bank account.

So, are you with me?  Is Qube Money the most powerful app of 2021?  Try it out.

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