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Are you tired of struggling with money? Do you find that you don’t seem to have the money you need to do the things you really want? And who has money to prepare for retirement?

You’re not alone! It is difficult to keep track of spending and staying organized when purchasing something is literally as easy as tapping your phone. Plus, money comes out of your account from everywhere.

That is why many people are turning to cash stuffing. If you’re unfamiliar with cash stuffing, also known as the envelope system, it’s a method where you allocate money for specific expenses (like groceries, gas, date night) and put it in different envelopes to stay organized and save money.

Stick to Your Budget and Achieve Your Goals

So, what are the benefits of cash stuffing? Let’s take a closer look!

We all have financial goals we want to achieve, whether it’s saving for a down payment on a house, paying off debt, or taking a much-needed vacation. However, it can be difficult to stick to a budget when we’re faced with tempting purchases. By dividing your money into envelopes, you can clearly see what your money is set aside for, so you naturally make better spending decisions.

Cash Stuffing for the 21st Century

While the traditional envelope system involves using physical envelopes, Qube Money takes it to the next level by allowing you to categorize your money in digital envelopes and then spend from your categories with your Visa debit card. Seriously!

It’s like having as many bank accounts as you want all connected to the same debit card, so there’s no need to carry around 15+ cash-filled envelopes!

Let me explain. Like cash envelopes, the Qube Money system allows a user to divide their money into digital envelopes representing their spending and billing categories like groceries, eating out, fuel, rent, and entertainment. Then, when the user buys groceries, they buy them from their grocery envelope (otherwise known as a qube) with their Qube Visa card. When they purchase fuel, they purchase it from their fuel qube using the same card.

More Flexibility and Convenience

By using Qube Money, you get the power of carrying cash envelopes and the convenience of digital banking. Gone are the days of carrying cash in physical envelopes. Qubes offer more flexibility and convenience than physical envelopes. You can use your Qube Money Visa card to make purchases, eliminating the worry of carrying cash. No more trips to the bank. Additionally, you can easily transfer money if you need to adjust your plan without the hassle of counting money. This level of flexibility makes budgeting less of a chore and more of a convenience.

Automatic Tracking and Less Hassle

Cash stuffers religiously track their spending to make sure they know how much they have in each envelope. With Qube Money, everything is digital, so balances and transactions update automatically and in real-time. This takes all the guesswork out of spending decisions.

Wrap up

Qube Money brings cash stuffing to the 21st century. So, your bank balance and spending plan are together in the palm of your hand, making it simple to plan, spend, save, and track your money! The result is an almost foolproof personal finance system.

At Qube Money, we help you create your financial plan however you want and empower you to stick to it. You then have the visibility to make better financial decisions, providing more money for what matters most to you.